BIRP notes also make reading notes simple so providers can communicate a client’s progress and plan with other clinicians. While one of the most important uses for BIRP notes is to track a client’s progress, they can also be used for insurance reimbursement, billing and planning.

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If you’re working in a multi-provider practice, or regularly collaborate with other practitioners, BIRP notes can be a handy tool. But what works for one organization may not for another – and so it’s good to have more than one framework to refer to.

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We work with all clinical disciplines in both outpatient and inpatient settings to deliver the most clinically robust and intuitive charting solution for this specialty.

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Behavioral health clinicians and organizations turn to Brip The Note when:

The increasing complexity of the healthcare environment has made their job harder and more stressful than ever. They are spending too many hours creating documentation. They have no peace of mind that their documentation will pass regulatory scrutiny, and they may be faced with paybacks should they be audited.

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